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Chain Saw YD250
Chain Saw » YD250

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Chain Saw

Power Type: Single Cylinder, Two-stroke,
Air-cooling gasoline engine
Displacement(cc): 25.4
Rated Output Power(kW): 0.9
Relevant Speed(rpm): 3000
Fuel Mixture Ratio: 25: 1(Gasoline 25: Two-cycle Oil 1)
Fuel Tank Capacity(ml): 230
Engine Oil Tank Capacity(ml): 160
Guide Bar Size : 10"/12”/14"
Chain Pitch: 3/8"
Chain Gauge: 0.05"
Net/Gross weight(Kg): 4.0/5.0
Packing Size(mm): 320x250x250

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Chain Saw Details

YD250 is a handy saw for home gardening and home work for felling small trees and sawing firewood, 

as well as for thinning bushes, light pruning or small-medium diameter cutting and so on.


Main features: 


1, Automatic oil pump, lubrication for guide bar and chain.

2, Advanced engine clean air-intake system.

3, Effective anti-vibration system

4, Combination throttle/switch structure

5, With a side-mounted adjuster, easy to control the chain tensioning device. 

6, JP Walbro carburetor is optional.


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